A cross-country artifact! New Mercedes Benz G debut exclusive red

At the recent North American auto show, Mercedes officially launched a new generation of G. The new car continues the classic “square box” shape, which is adjusted only in details, and adopts Mercedes Benz’s new family design, which increases the sense of luxury. It is reported that the new car will be officially landed in China in the middle of 2018.The day before, Benz also released a set of G Night Package (dark suit) package models the official figure, the new car uses a special red coating, with more personality than the regular version.In addition, the front grille, front and rear lamps, steering lamp and rearview mirror and other parts with blackened design, at the same time using a 20 inch multi spoke wheels, more highlight temperament.The interior of the lifting immediate, finally has a million luxury car feeling, high vehicle equipped with dual 12.3 inch screen, with dual thumb control (Dual Thumb Control) new three spoke multifunction steering wheel system, based on the design of the family, retains the large amount of flat line, which is consistent with the positioning the hardcore off-road vehicle.In terms of power, the new generation of Mercedes Benz G500 will wear the 4.0L V8 double turbocharged engine, with a maximum power of 421 horsepower, a peak torque of 610 cattle and a meter, a 9 speed automatic transmission, and three differential locks.