Do you want to wash your face after applying the mask?

That girl often mask all know, there will be the essence of the residue in the face of general apply moisturizing mask, many feel it is too cool mushroom wash waste, in the face of such skin completely absorbed, however in the skin care sector has been on after mask to wash that there is a lot of controversy, whether or not to wash it?Q1: what are the disadvantages of not washing after applying the mask?
A: from the principle that chip mask is finished enough to wash, because the skin is saturated deposited after the essence not wash off the remaining will be closed membrane formation in the epidermis, affect the skin detoxification metabolism leading to clogged pores, especially oil muscle will have nausea pox pox, acne will also increase.
Q2: is it allergic to the facial mask?
A: to say allergies, it is a burning sensation in the stabbing pain, and the skin will also appear red and swollen plaques and itching, but it is just a stabbing pain. It may be a serious shortage of water and a horny injury. When the skin is applied to the mask, the process of skin adaptation to essence will probably sting.Apply mask after washing the face, it is best to rub moisturizing cream Oh, because it can reduce the loss of water, let the skin for a long time to keep hydrated, especially dry skin can prevent small skin Alice attack oh.