Millet MIX 2S film – exposure: using visual curved screen design

Recently news about the next generation of MIX exposure millet new machine is more and more, in the end of the month MWC 2018, millet will bring 7 millet and millet MIX 2S for us, compared to millet 7, we defined as “full screen for 3 millet MIX 2S is more concerned, the two will be powered by snapdragon 845 mobile platform.Millet MIX 2S sticker exposure (pictures come from the network)
Today, well-known foreign media Slashleaks got the millet MIX 2S propaganda from spy film makers, the exposure of the image display, millet MIX 2S and Samsung S8 will be the same as the design as the curved screen, the forehead almost no chin become good-looking than before.
Combined with previous media exposure and technology exposure, we will use SONY IMX363 double shot to support four axis optical anti shake and battery capacity 3400mAh MIX 2S. The ceramic body will continue, Xiaolong 845 mobile platform is the highest That’s final., will use 8GB+256GB memory combinations. But the biggest question now is the fingerprint identification problem, and it would be the best to carry the fingerprint identification technology.