New generation of BMW X4 M40d official map Geneva Auto Show

After the third generation BMW X3 (G01) was released for half a year, the second generation of X4 (G02) was also on the face. The first generation of X4 (F26) is coming to life in just four years. The new car will start at the March Geneva auto show, and is expected to debut at the Beijing auto show in April.The sports car is more rich in taste
The first batch of official maps only MPERFORMANCE series diesel performance version X4M40d. This car 80% is not related to the country, and you can get rid of the X4 of the M performance kit by yourself. The ordinary version of X4 should provide the same three suites as LuxuryLine (luxury design suit), X-Line (cross-country design suit), and MSport (M sports), as well as X3.The new X4 double kidney grille size is larger than the current model, which is marked with the LED front headlight group. The three air intake shaped lines below the front bar of X4M40d also become more complex and sharp. The wind resistance coefficient of a new car is only 0.3Cd.At the end of the car, the tail lines of the new car are fine and smooth, and the movement of the car’s tail is enhanced by the downward movement of the license plate, which is getting closer to the design style of the sports car. At the same time, the long and narrow new taillights are more recognizable. The roof lines become more inclined behind the C column, and two small spoiler wings are added.The new X4 is based on the CLAR modular chassis development. The body size of the new car is bigger, not only for a longer (+81mm) wider (+37mm), but also a synchronous increase of the wheelbase, 54mm, which reaches 2864mm, while the vehicle height drops slightly 3mm to 1621mm, which makes the new car more sedan running posture. At the same time, the leg space of the passengers in the rear of the car is expected to increase by 25.4mm.Although the new X4 was more “big”, its aerodynamic drag dropped by 10% under the optimization of BMW engineers. Thanks to the light weight of the new platform, the new X4 vehicle weighs 50kg and maintains the weight of the 50:50 before and after.Inside of the car: everything is as far as it is expected
There are not many surprises in the second generation of X4 cars. They are the same as the new X3 routines. The 12 inch dashboards, 10.25 inch multimedia display screens, sports seats, panoramic sunroof, three District automatic air conditioners, natural speech recognition system and so on are all available. The interior materials are added to improve the texture of different material veneer, leather, high gloss plastic, metal button and so on.X4M40d model with the same type of X3M40i with the same type of MPERFORMANCE car special steering wheel, in addition to metal pedal, metal footboard, metal control panel, and so on.Driving auxiliary system / interconnection configuration
Autopilot is becoming the mainstream trend of development, though it is not yet fully automated, but all kinds of driving aids are upgrading at the naked eye.The new BMW X4 is equipped with a driving assistance system called BMWPersonalCoPilot, which includes adaptive cruise, steering assistance, lane control assistance, lane change assistance and side impact protection. In addition, the new car optional head up display system, an increase of 75% than the current projected area.In the aspect of vehicle interconnect system, the new generation of BMWConnectedDrive system is equipped with 10.25 inch touch screen, mobile phone and vehicular system directly interconnected, supporting voice control and adding BMW’s exclusive gesture control.
The proportion of aluminum components is added to the engine and suspension, and the weight is greatly reduced. The X4M40d is also equipped with the M body air force kit, the MSport exhaust / brake, and the chassis selection includes the M motion suspension, the variable motion steering, etc. In the driving mode, there are 4 kinds of ECOPRO (energy saving), COMFORT (Shu Shi), SPORT (Sports) and SPORT+ (Sports +).
Power is the same as X3
There is no suspense in power, and the new X4 is exactly the same as X3. X4M40d is equipped with 3.0TL6 diesel turbocharged engine, maximum power output 240kW (326PS), peak torque 680Nm, 0-100km/h acceleration time 4.9s, a little slower than X4M40i 4.8s.MPERFORMANCE will certainly not be the sales volume of the domestic market. The main vehicle type X4xDrive20i and X4xDrive30i two cars have the same power as X3. The transmission system will no longer be doubted. It must be ten thousand years, but it is surprisingly effective on BMW.