Samsung releases spherical robot: hopes to become mobile assistant someday

January 7th news, according to foreign media reports, today, when giving a keynote speech at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Samsung released a small spherical robot that can help you with housework Ballie.

Samsung said that with the use of artificial intelligence, Ballie can become a security robot, a fitness assistant, a tool to help seniors connect various smart devices at home, and even a good partner for your children and pets.

In the on-stage demonstration, Ballie followed Samsung CEO H.S. Kim, the consumer electronics unit, on the stage, seemingly using a camera to track the latter’s footsteps. After receiving several orders from H.S. Kim, Ballie also made a lovely voice. When H.S. Kim called it, it even rolled into his hands.

In a promotional video that aired shortly after the presentation, Samsung showed Ballie’s bigger vision: One day it will make it more like a home assistant. Ballie automatically opened the shutters of the host’s home and turned on the TV for the puppy at home to watch. It also summoned a Roomba-like vacuum cleaner to help clean up debris on the floor.

Samsung is not the first company to build a robot positioned as a home companion. For example, Sony recently released an API for its robot dog Aibo, allowing third parties to develop services and applications for Aibo, enabling it to interact with various smart home devices.

Samsung did not disclose the time and price of Ballie. Whether it can achieve the bold vision that Samsung showed at CES remains to be seen. But now, at least it looks like a cute little robot that can be a companion at home if you can afford it.