Samsung S9/ SONY XZ Pro leading MWC 2018 new products forward looking

When the Spring Festival is just over, and when we are healing “postganglionic syndrome”, the technology circle will usher in the most spectacular annual exhibition: MWC (World Mobile Communication Conference). Focus on science and technology circle digital fans believe is no stranger to MWC this year, including Samsung, SONY and other major international brands, will be released in 2018 on the MWC to open flagship, we can not only see the top of the flagship mobile phone this year at MWC this year, but also see the outlook for the future of communication industry. According to the information available, we also make a prospective summary of this year’s MWC to help you understand the new products that MWC will release this year.
Samsung S9: Valon 845+ variable diaphragm, strong back to MWC
As one of the heaviest flagships on MWC, Samsung has a long history of publishing S products on MWC. Last year, due to the well-known reason, S8 was not released on MWC, so Samsung S9 returned to MWC this year. We can also see Samsung’s confidence in product and market recovery after Note7. And according to the current news, Samsung S9 will also bring about further innovation.
First appearance, two days ago in the network, the Samsung S9 in some domestic dealers could not sneak official renderings in advance, once again proved its design is consistent with Galaxy S8, but the details are slightly adjusted. It can be seen from the rendering that the design of Samsung S9 is basically the same as that of S8, and the forehead and chin are further narrowed. At the same time according to the current news, compared to the previous generation product, the Samsung S9 series is designed for slightly out of the frame, the glass thickness corresponding to 0.1mm, therefore has better anti dropping performance. So it is possible to express in the field, visual effects S9 border black side than S8 slightly a little wide.In the hardware configuration, the Samsung S9 still firmly secured the top level: Android flagship Xiaolong 845 and Samsung Exynos 9810. Xiaolong 845 level since Needless to say, Exynos 9810 on the network exposure of the Geekbench4 test run, single scored 3648 points, multi core is 8894, beyond the single core 2400+ snapdragon 845 recently published, multi-core 8300+ scores become the strongest performance of the Android platform SoC. So on the processor, the performance of Samsung S9 still represents the top strength of the current Android camp.Other aspects, Samsung S9 will start with 4GB RAM+64GB ROM. The front 8 million pixel main camera (automatic focus), equipped with iris recognition sensor, supports wireless charging, IP68 level waterproof and dust-proof, loudspeaker and earphone are trained by AKG. The most worth mentioning is that Samsung S9 will use the rear camera with ultra fast aperture, 12 million pixel sensor, integrated dual pixel focusing and optical image stabilization, the first to support the aperture adjustment, according to the environment to make intelligent in the F1.5 and F2.4 double aperture selection, as used in the W2018.
In addition, after the February 25th global conference, the Galaxy S9 China Conference was tentatively scheduled for March 6th in Guangzhou. It will be officially launched in March 16th. The first four will be midnight black, lilac, titanium gray and coral blue. But there is not much news about the price, and we will continue to pay attention to it.
SONY Xperia XZ Pro:4K resolution + full screen, black technology continues the faiths

This Xperia XZ Pro, which is about to be released by SONY on MWC, is also full of “black technology”. As an iterative product of Xperia XZP, XZ Pro will be expected to be equipped with a 5.7 inch 4K comprehensive screen, carrying the 845 mobile platform of the Valon, and the storage combination of the 6GB RAM+64GB ROM. In addition, the SONY new flagship will also cancel the 3.5mm headset jack and support IP68’s waterproof / dustproof capability.
In addition, as the mobile phone circle will be the most Sensor manufacturer, SONY will carry a 18 million pixel +1200 million pixel dual photography for XZ Pro. The single pixel area is as high as 1.38 m/1.33 m/1.33 m. The specifications of this camera can be quite amazing. Xperia XZ2 Pro will provide three colors, “liquid black”, “liquid silver” and “deep green”, with a price of 699 euros.
And on another Xperia XZ2, will be iterative Xperia XZ1, model H8266, using Xiaolong 845 mobile platform, the corresponding Adreno 630 graphics processor, running Android 8 system 4GB RAM+64GB ROM storage combination, the screen resolution is 2160*1080, the proportion of 18:9 has implied that this will be a full screen models.
Earlier, SONY H8266 also briefly appeared on the famous running point website Geekbench. Its single core score was 2393, and its multicore score was 8300. It was at the same level as the 845 running point just released, confirming that it will be equipped with Xiaolong 845 mobile platform for the first time. In addition, the insider revealed that SONY had prepared a variety of memory specifications, 4GB as standard memory version, and an exclusive 6GB memory version of Asia Pacific to meet the further demand of cable powder for performance.
NOKIA Sirocco: the continuation of the Zeiss lens
NOKIA has confirmed that it will release a brand new product at the MWC conference: NOKIA 8 Sirocco. Speaking of course, from early on, “Sirocco” has been unique to NOKIA’s high-end mobile phones. NOKIA’s 8800 Sirocco has been very impressive in many small partners’ eyes. And the re – launch of this Sirocco is believed to be an example of NOKIA’s re entry into the high-end market.
In the configuration, NOKIA will use 8 Sirocco snapdragon 835 processor, with 6GB memory, collocation 5.5 inches 2K resolution OLED screen, camera, and NOKIA 8 Sirocco are equipped with dual cameras, front 5 million pixels dual camera, with F2.4 and F2.0 aperture and auto focus, post is a combination of 12 million pixel +1300 million pixels, and is equipped with Carle. Cai Si shot two times optical zoom and support. It’s pretty good from the overall configuration.