The charm of the potted house, the fresh style and the love

Fresh potted plant is a good way to dress up the space. It can not only make the air cleaner, but also make you feel relaxed and happy. So they are also the most charming elements in home design. Whether they are placed in a mystery or a bedroom window, they can bring a whimsical feeling, then the next leader will take a look at it.1., fluffy, soft ball shaped potted plants have a unique sense of simplicity, and their shape contrasts with the color contrast between container shapes, creating a rustic style.2., this green like lollipop shaped potted plant is very suitable for interior decoration. With its unique height advantage, it can create a distinctive sense of hierarchy and create a playful sense of vision.3. very small pot with luxuriant foliage tropical flavor, even rooted in the moss covered soil, can easily create a beautiful effect of a wild profusion of vegetation.4. double plants own very fun atmosphere, can through to the bottom and the top of the sphere pruning style, create the desired presentation of results, no matter where all can become the highlight.5., fresh and natural cone shaped potted plants are very suitable for sitting in the restaurant with enough light. Placing them on both sides of the sink can bring a bit of exotic natural flavor and make people feel very happy.6., in modern kitchen, the combination of potted plants with different shapes and colors adds a touch of clean line to the kitchen, and it also presents a charming atmosphere.7., when you need to bring a touch of color to the dresser, putting two pots of green potted plants will perfectly solve this problem, plus bright red bouquet will create a romantic atmosphere.8. a sense lines placed on the table a unique pot brings elegant atmosphere, white room makes people look very comfortable, the flowers are tiny spots revealing a trace of elegant taste.