Four camera full screen moto super flagship

In the near future, all the brands are releasing their own brand new flagship, full screen, double photography have become all of the things. Moto has been exposed to a super flagship in the near future. As for the super flagship, the moto X5 not only has the current mainstream configuration, but also makes the configuration to the extreme.In the design, the machine is not only using the mainstream of the comprehensive screen design, but also similar to the iPhone – like comprehensive screen. The screen ratio of 18:9 is used. The above forehead has a front camera and a sensor, and a big round corner is used to narrow the chin below. The style of the whole machine is very rounded.Besides the screen, the biggest highlight of the machine is the dual front camera and the dual cameras. It means that Moto X5 will be Motorola’s first four photo smart phone. And the whole machine did not see the fingerprint, so it was guessed that the machine might have used the fingerprint identification that was the same as the nut Pro2 and logo. A high pass snapdragon 660 processor, supplemented by a 4G/6G memory combination.

After the third generation BMW X3 (G01) was released for half a year, the second generation of X4 (G02) was also on the face. The first generation of X4 (F26) is coming to life in just four years. The new car will start at the March Geneva auto show, and is expected to debut at the Beijing auto show in April.The sports car is more rich in taste
The first batch of official maps only MPERFORMANCE series diesel performance version X4M40d. This car 80% is not related to the country, and you can get rid of the X4 of the M performance kit by yourself. The ordinary version of X4 should provide the same three suites as LuxuryLine (luxury design suit), X-Line (cross-country design suit), and MSport (M sports), as well as X3.The new X4 double kidney grille size is larger than the current model, which is marked with the LED front headlight group. The three air intake shaped lines below the front bar of X4M40d also become more complex and sharp. The wind resistance coefficient of a new car is only 0.3Cd.At the end of the car, the tail lines of the new car are fine and smooth, and the movement of the car’s tail is enhanced by the downward movement of the license plate, which is getting closer to the design style of the sports car. At the same time, the long and narrow new taillights are more recognizable. The roof lines become more inclined behind the C column, and two small spoiler wings are added.The new X4 is based on the CLAR modular chassis development. The body size of the new car is bigger, not only for a longer (+81mm) wider (+37mm), but also a synchronous increase of the wheelbase, 54mm, which reaches 2864mm, while the vehicle height drops slightly 3mm to 1621mm, which makes the new car more sedan running posture. At the same time, the leg space of the passengers in the rear of the car is expected to increase by 25.4mm.Although the new X4 was more “big”, its aerodynamic drag dropped by 10% under the optimization of BMW engineers. Thanks to the light weight of the new platform, the new X4 vehicle weighs 50kg and maintains the weight of the 50:50 before and after.Inside of the car: everything is as far as it is expected
There are not many surprises in the second generation of X4 cars. They are the same as the new X3 routines. The 12 inch dashboards, 10.25 inch multimedia display screens, sports seats, panoramic sunroof, three District automatic air conditioners, natural speech recognition system and so on are all available. The interior materials are added to improve the texture of different material veneer, leather, high gloss plastic, metal button and so on.X4M40d model with the same type of X3M40i with the same type of MPERFORMANCE car special steering wheel, in addition to metal pedal, metal footboard, metal control panel, and so on.Driving auxiliary system / interconnection configuration
Autopilot is becoming the mainstream trend of development, though it is not yet fully automated, but all kinds of driving aids are upgrading at the naked eye.The new BMW X4 is equipped with a driving assistance system called BMWPersonalCoPilot, which includes adaptive cruise, steering assistance, lane control assistance, lane change assistance and side impact protection. In addition, the new car optional head up display system, an increase of 75% than the current projected area.In the aspect of vehicle interconnect system, the new generation of BMWConnectedDrive system is equipped with 10.25 inch touch screen, mobile phone and vehicular system directly interconnected, supporting voice control and adding BMW’s exclusive gesture control.
The proportion of aluminum components is added to the engine and suspension, and the weight is greatly reduced. The X4M40d is also equipped with the M body air force kit, the MSport exhaust / brake, and the chassis selection includes the M motion suspension, the variable motion steering, etc. In the driving mode, there are 4 kinds of ECOPRO (energy saving), COMFORT (Shu Shi), SPORT (Sports) and SPORT+ (Sports +).
Power is the same as X3
There is no suspense in power, and the new X4 is exactly the same as X3. X4M40d is equipped with 3.0TL6 diesel turbocharged engine, maximum power output 240kW (326PS), peak torque 680Nm, 0-100km/h acceleration time 4.9s, a little slower than X4M40i 4.8s.MPERFORMANCE will certainly not be the sales volume of the domestic market. The main vehicle type X4xDrive20i and X4xDrive30i two cars have the same power as X3. The transmission system will no longer be doubted. It must be ten thousand years, but it is surprisingly effective on BMW.

At the recent North American auto show, Mercedes officially launched a new generation of G. The new car continues the classic “square box” shape, which is adjusted only in details, and adopts Mercedes Benz’s new family design, which increases the sense of luxury. It is reported that the new car will be officially landed in China in the middle of 2018.The day before, Benz also released a set of G Night Package (dark suit) package models the official figure, the new car uses a special red coating, with more personality than the regular version.In addition, the front grille, front and rear lamps, steering lamp and rearview mirror and other parts with blackened design, at the same time using a 20 inch multi spoke wheels, more highlight temperament.The interior of the lifting immediate, finally has a million luxury car feeling, high vehicle equipped with dual 12.3 inch screen, with dual thumb control (Dual Thumb Control) new three spoke multifunction steering wheel system, based on the design of the family, retains the large amount of flat line, which is consistent with the positioning the hardcore off-road vehicle.In terms of power, the new generation of Mercedes Benz G500 will wear the 4.0L V8 double turbocharged engine, with a maximum power of 421 horsepower, a peak torque of 610 cattle and a meter, a 9 speed automatic transmission, and three differential locks.

Fresh potted plant is a good way to dress up the space. It can not only make the air cleaner, but also make you feel relaxed and happy. So they are also the most charming elements in home design. Whether they are placed in a mystery or a bedroom window, they can bring a whimsical feeling, then the next leader will take a look at it.1., fluffy, soft ball shaped potted plants have a unique sense of simplicity, and their shape contrasts with the color contrast between container shapes, creating a rustic style.2., this green like lollipop shaped potted plant is very suitable for interior decoration. With its unique height advantage, it can create a distinctive sense of hierarchy and create a playful sense of vision.3. very small pot with luxuriant foliage tropical flavor, even rooted in the moss covered soil, can easily create a beautiful effect of a wild profusion of vegetation.4. double plants own very fun atmosphere, can through to the bottom and the top of the sphere pruning style, create the desired presentation of results, no matter where all can become the highlight.5., fresh and natural cone shaped potted plants are very suitable for sitting in the restaurant with enough light. Placing them on both sides of the sink can bring a bit of exotic natural flavor and make people feel very happy.6., in modern kitchen, the combination of potted plants with different shapes and colors adds a touch of clean line to the kitchen, and it also presents a charming atmosphere.7., when you need to bring a touch of color to the dresser, putting two pots of green potted plants will perfectly solve this problem, plus bright red bouquet will create a romantic atmosphere.8. a sense lines placed on the table a unique pot brings elegant atmosphere, white room makes people look very comfortable, the flowers are tiny spots revealing a trace of elegant taste.

That girl often mask all know, there will be the essence of the residue in the face of general apply moisturizing mask, many feel it is too cool mushroom wash waste, in the face of such skin completely absorbed, however in the skin care sector has been on after mask to wash that there is a lot of controversy, whether or not to wash it?Q1: what are the disadvantages of not washing after applying the mask?
A: from the principle that chip mask is finished enough to wash, because the skin is saturated deposited after the essence not wash off the remaining will be closed membrane formation in the epidermis, affect the skin detoxification metabolism leading to clogged pores, especially oil muscle will have nausea pox pox, acne will also increase.
Q2: is it allergic to the facial mask?
A: to say allergies, it is a burning sensation in the stabbing pain, and the skin will also appear red and swollen plaques and itching, but it is just a stabbing pain. It may be a serious shortage of water and a horny injury. When the skin is applied to the mask, the process of skin adaptation to essence will probably sting.Apply mask after washing the face, it is best to rub moisturizing cream Oh, because it can reduce the loss of water, let the skin for a long time to keep hydrated, especially dry skin can prevent small skin Alice attack oh.

When the Spring Festival is just over, and when we are healing “postganglionic syndrome”, the technology circle will usher in the most spectacular annual exhibition: MWC (World Mobile Communication Conference). Focus on science and technology circle digital fans believe is no stranger to MWC this year, including Samsung, SONY and other major international brands, will be released in 2018 on the MWC to open flagship, we can not only see the top of the flagship mobile phone this year at MWC this year, but also see the outlook for the future of communication industry. According to the information available, we also make a prospective summary of this year’s MWC to help you understand the new products that MWC will release this year.
Samsung S9: Valon 845+ variable diaphragm, strong back to MWC
As one of the heaviest flagships on MWC, Samsung has a long history of publishing S products on MWC. Last year, due to the well-known reason, S8 was not released on MWC, so Samsung S9 returned to MWC this year. We can also see Samsung’s confidence in product and market recovery after Note7. And according to the current news, Samsung S9 will also bring about further innovation.
First appearance, two days ago in the network, the Samsung S9 in some domestic dealers could not sneak official renderings in advance, once again proved its design is consistent with Galaxy S8, but the details are slightly adjusted. It can be seen from the rendering that the design of Samsung S9 is basically the same as that of S8, and the forehead and chin are further narrowed. At the same time according to the current news, compared to the previous generation product, the Samsung S9 series is designed for slightly out of the frame, the glass thickness corresponding to 0.1mm, therefore has better anti dropping performance. So it is possible to express in the field, visual effects S9 border black side than S8 slightly a little wide.In the hardware configuration, the Samsung S9 still firmly secured the top level: Android flagship Xiaolong 845 and Samsung Exynos 9810. Xiaolong 845 level since Needless to say, Exynos 9810 on the network exposure of the Geekbench4 test run, single scored 3648 points, multi core is 8894, beyond the single core 2400+ snapdragon 845 recently published, multi-core 8300+ scores become the strongest performance of the Android platform SoC. So on the processor, the performance of Samsung S9 still represents the top strength of the current Android camp.Other aspects, Samsung S9 will start with 4GB RAM+64GB ROM. The front 8 million pixel main camera (automatic focus), equipped with iris recognition sensor, supports wireless charging, IP68 level waterproof and dust-proof, loudspeaker and earphone are trained by AKG. The most worth mentioning is that Samsung S9 will use the rear camera with ultra fast aperture, 12 million pixel sensor, integrated dual pixel focusing and optical image stabilization, the first to support the aperture adjustment, according to the environment to make intelligent in the F1.5 and F2.4 double aperture selection, as used in the W2018.
In addition, after the February 25th global conference, the Galaxy S9 China Conference was tentatively scheduled for March 6th in Guangzhou. It will be officially launched in March 16th. The first four will be midnight black, lilac, titanium gray and coral blue. But there is not much news about the price, and we will continue to pay attention to it.
SONY Xperia XZ Pro:4K resolution + full screen, black technology continues the faiths

This Xperia XZ Pro, which is about to be released by SONY on MWC, is also full of “black technology”. As an iterative product of Xperia XZP, XZ Pro will be expected to be equipped with a 5.7 inch 4K comprehensive screen, carrying the 845 mobile platform of the Valon, and the storage combination of the 6GB RAM+64GB ROM. In addition, the SONY new flagship will also cancel the 3.5mm headset jack and support IP68’s waterproof / dustproof capability.
In addition, as the mobile phone circle will be the most Sensor manufacturer, SONY will carry a 18 million pixel +1200 million pixel dual photography for XZ Pro. The single pixel area is as high as 1.38 m/1.33 m/1.33 m. The specifications of this camera can be quite amazing. Xperia XZ2 Pro will provide three colors, “liquid black”, “liquid silver” and “deep green”, with a price of 699 euros.
And on another Xperia XZ2, will be iterative Xperia XZ1, model H8266, using Xiaolong 845 mobile platform, the corresponding Adreno 630 graphics processor, running Android 8 system 4GB RAM+64GB ROM storage combination, the screen resolution is 2160*1080, the proportion of 18:9 has implied that this will be a full screen models.
Earlier, SONY H8266 also briefly appeared on the famous running point website Geekbench. Its single core score was 2393, and its multicore score was 8300. It was at the same level as the 845 running point just released, confirming that it will be equipped with Xiaolong 845 mobile platform for the first time. In addition, the insider revealed that SONY had prepared a variety of memory specifications, 4GB as standard memory version, and an exclusive 6GB memory version of Asia Pacific to meet the further demand of cable powder for performance.
NOKIA Sirocco: the continuation of the Zeiss lens
NOKIA has confirmed that it will release a brand new product at the MWC conference: NOKIA 8 Sirocco. Speaking of course, from early on, “Sirocco” has been unique to NOKIA’s high-end mobile phones. NOKIA’s 8800 Sirocco has been very impressive in many small partners’ eyes. And the re – launch of this Sirocco is believed to be an example of NOKIA’s re entry into the high-end market.
In the configuration, NOKIA will use 8 Sirocco snapdragon 835 processor, with 6GB memory, collocation 5.5 inches 2K resolution OLED screen, camera, and NOKIA 8 Sirocco are equipped with dual cameras, front 5 million pixels dual camera, with F2.4 and F2.0 aperture and auto focus, post is a combination of 12 million pixel +1300 million pixels, and is equipped with Carle. Cai Si shot two times optical zoom and support. It’s pretty good from the overall configuration.

Recently news about the next generation of MIX exposure millet new machine is more and more, in the end of the month MWC 2018, millet will bring 7 millet and millet MIX 2S for us, compared to millet 7, we defined as “full screen for 3 millet MIX 2S is more concerned, the two will be powered by snapdragon 845 mobile platform.Millet MIX 2S sticker exposure (pictures come from the network)
Today, well-known foreign media Slashleaks got the millet MIX 2S propaganda from spy film makers, the exposure of the image display, millet MIX 2S and Samsung S8 will be the same as the design as the curved screen, the forehead almost no chin become good-looking than before.
Combined with previous media exposure and technology exposure, we will use SONY IMX363 double shot to support four axis optical anti shake and battery capacity 3400mAh MIX 2S. The ceramic body will continue, Xiaolong 845 mobile platform is the highest That’s final., will use 8GB+256GB memory combinations. But the biggest question now is the fingerprint identification problem, and it would be the best to carry the fingerprint identification technology.

January 7th news, according to foreign media reports, today, when giving a keynote speech at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Samsung released a small spherical robot that can help you with housework Ballie.

Samsung said that with the use of artificial intelligence, Ballie can become a security robot, a fitness assistant, a tool to help seniors connect various smart devices at home, and even a good partner for your children and pets.

In the on-stage demonstration, Ballie followed Samsung CEO H.S. Kim, the consumer electronics unit, on the stage, seemingly using a camera to track the latter’s footsteps. After receiving several orders from H.S. Kim, Ballie also made a lovely voice. When H.S. Kim called it, it even rolled into his hands.

In a promotional video that aired shortly after the presentation, Samsung showed Ballie’s bigger vision: One day it will make it more like a home assistant. Ballie automatically opened the shutters of the host’s home and turned on the TV for the puppy at home to watch. It also summoned a Roomba-like vacuum cleaner to help clean up debris on the floor.

Samsung is not the first company to build a robot positioned as a home companion. For example, Sony recently released an API for its robot dog Aibo, allowing third parties to develop services and applications for Aibo, enabling it to interact with various smart home devices.

Samsung did not disclose the time and price of Ballie. Whether it can achieve the bold vision that Samsung showed at CES remains to be seen. But now, at least it looks like a cute little robot that can be a companion at home if you can afford it.

As our lives improved, therefore, take a bath in the moment has become a kind of enjoyment, people in love are satiated, and their friends to go to the bath, especially in winter bathing is to make people feel comfortable with, but the winter long bath once you know?In the winter, I believe many friends will feel that it takes courage to take a bath in winter, but there are many friends who are accustomed to washing or bathing once a day for working and living habits. But because of the dry weather in winter, it can be itchy with too much washing. So how often do you take a bath in the winter?The climate in winter is rather dry, and our skin will also dry and peel. Many people think that this is not good for their personal hygiene, so the bath will be washed more diligently and thoroughly, but the itching degree of skin will aggravate. In the cold winter when you take a bath, you should pay attention to the method, do not have to take a bath, so experts advise people to remind people that 2 to 3 times a week is more appropriate. This can protect our skin.
So how should we take a proper bath?
In fact, the correct order is taking a bath, wash your face first, then, finally wash shampoo. The first step to wash the face, is because the human body touches hot water, the pores will rapidly expand, first wash face, can avoid the face pores into too much dust, causing obstruction.When you clean your body, you should first wash your limbs and adapt to the temperature. First, you can avoid the alternation of cold and heat to stimulate the blood circulation of the brain. Two, after a period of hot water, you can moisten the scalp and hair in the water vapor, which is more conducive to clean the scalp.
Bathing time is best controlled within half an hour, and the elderly, children and cardiovascular patients are not more than 20 minutes. The study showed that in the water temperature of 42 degrees centigrade for more than 10 minutes, the sympathetic nerve was excited, the number of heartbeats and blood pressure increased, and the burden of the heart increased. It is not healthy to take a bath immediately after the meal, and should be washed 1 hours after the meal.If you want to enjoy a good shower in winter, let’s take a look at the shower equipment for these homes.
The surface of PVD vacuum thickening coating is applied to enhance adhesion. It can effectively prevent froth and peeling. The design of 360 degree rotation is strong and convenient and comfortable, so that bathing becomes a kind of enjoyment.
Multiple modes of handover can be more suitable for your different bathing requirements. The design of one button switch is convenient and fast, intensive water yield, giving you a massage bath, easing the fatigue of a day.
Large diameter disc can make the shower, spray coverage, can be poured into the water the whole body, feel comfortable, the design of intelligent temperature, farewell mode sometimes hot and sometimes cold winter.
The seven character tube angle design increases the bath area, meets the needs of various shower, ergonomics design, comfortable grip, and unintentionally releases your work pressure.