Four camera full screen moto super flagship

In the near future, all the brands are releasing their own brand new flagship, full screen, double photography have become all of the things. Moto has been exposed to a super flagship in the near future. As for the super flagship, the moto X5 not only has the current mainstream configuration, but also makes the configuration to the extreme.In the design, the machine is not only using the mainstream of the comprehensive screen design, but also similar to the iPhone – like comprehensive screen. The screen ratio of 18:9 is used. The above forehead has a front camera and a sensor, and a big round corner is used to narrow the chin below. The style of the whole machine is very rounded.Besides the screen, the biggest highlight of the machine is the dual front camera and the dual cameras. It means that Moto X5 will be Motorola’s first four photo smart phone. And the whole machine did not see the fingerprint, so it was guessed that the machine might have used the fingerprint identification that was the same as the nut Pro2 and logo. A high pass snapdragon 660 processor, supplemented by a 4G/6G memory combination.