How many times a week is it correct to take a bath in the cold winter?

As our lives improved, therefore, take a bath in the moment has become a kind of enjoyment, people in love are satiated, and their friends to go to the bath, especially in winter bathing is to make people feel comfortable with, but the winter long bath once you know?In the winter, I believe many friends will feel that it takes courage to take a bath in winter, but there are many friends who are accustomed to washing or bathing once a day for working and living habits. But because of the dry weather in winter, it can be itchy with too much washing. So how often do you take a bath in the winter?The climate in winter is rather dry, and our skin will also dry and peel. Many people think that this is not good for their personal hygiene, so the bath will be washed more diligently and thoroughly, but the itching degree of skin will aggravate. In the cold winter when you take a bath, you should pay attention to the method, do not have to take a bath, so experts advise people to remind people that 2 to 3 times a week is more appropriate. This can protect our skin.
So how should we take a proper bath?
In fact, the correct order is taking a bath, wash your face first, then, finally wash shampoo. The first step to wash the face, is because the human body touches hot water, the pores will rapidly expand, first wash face, can avoid the face pores into too much dust, causing obstruction.When you clean your body, you should first wash your limbs and adapt to the temperature. First, you can avoid the alternation of cold and heat to stimulate the blood circulation of the brain. Two, after a period of hot water, you can moisten the scalp and hair in the water vapor, which is more conducive to clean the scalp.
Bathing time is best controlled within half an hour, and the elderly, children and cardiovascular patients are not more than 20 minutes. The study showed that in the water temperature of 42 degrees centigrade for more than 10 minutes, the sympathetic nerve was excited, the number of heartbeats and blood pressure increased, and the burden of the heart increased. It is not healthy to take a bath immediately after the meal, and should be washed 1 hours after the meal.If you want to enjoy a good shower in winter, let’s take a look at the shower equipment for these homes.
The surface of PVD vacuum thickening coating is applied to enhance adhesion. It can effectively prevent froth and peeling. The design of 360 degree rotation is strong and convenient and comfortable, so that bathing becomes a kind of enjoyment.
Multiple modes of handover can be more suitable for your different bathing requirements. The design of one button switch is convenient and fast, intensive water yield, giving you a massage bath, easing the fatigue of a day.
Large diameter disc can make the shower, spray coverage, can be poured into the water the whole body, feel comfortable, the design of intelligent temperature, farewell mode sometimes hot and sometimes cold winter.
The seven character tube angle design increases the bath area, meets the needs of various shower, ergonomics design, comfortable grip, and unintentionally releases your work pressure.